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Benefits of Team Lunches

If lunch team meetings enable everyone to be on an equal footing and interact face to face with prospects, clients, or potential employees.

The shared experience brings everyone together and helps avoid the day-to-day distractions that cut meeting productivity.

This guide explores why individual box lunches are essential for your next team meeting. The aim is to help you understand the benefits of corporate boxed lunches and corporate catering for lunch meetings, training, and department buildings.

Why Are Team Lunches Important?

Team lunches serve various purposes. Besides all the deadlines that need to be met and the tasks that need to be completed, there are also perks to communal lunch breaks.

  • Team lunches eliminate social barriers. We all need to make new friends at work. However, this is not always possible due to the existing social barriers. Team lunches can help solve this problem. When coworkers share a meal, improved communication in the workplace becomes a reality, meaning that employees can share more ideas, opinions, and personal experiences.
  • Team lunches enhance worker motivation. Another thing about communal lunches at work is that the improved connections can motivate workers to become more productive. For example, when you invite them for lunch, workers feel their efforts are appreciated. Such a move makes them want to do more for the company, boosting performance levels.
  • Team lunches eliminate workplace hierarchies. When people come together for lunch, they are more likely to interact with their superiors or juniors. The process improves vertical communication in the long run.
  • Team lunches help eliminate distractions. Finally, there are fewer distractions during team lunches, meaning business leaders can communicate those all-important points. Team lunches, thus, become better for communication than one-on-one meetings, emails, or telephone conversations.

Corporate Catering For Lunch Meetings, Training, and Department Buildings

Working with an established catering company allows you to take advantage of the boxed lunch for your workplace team meetings, workplace training exercises, and department-building assemblies.

An ideal example is Kafe 421’s service. Our catering is favored because of our focus on corporate individualized boxed lunches. Kafe 421 can serve large groups for corporate catering because of its twenty years of experience in the industry.

Enjoy Catering Done Right at Kafe 421 in St. Paul, MN, and Surrounding Areas

In this guide, we have discussed why individual box lunches are essential for your next team meeting.

We offer 35+ combinations of individualized corporate boxed lunch combinations and a beverage catering service to choose from.

If you are looking for a catering service in St. Paul, MN, and surrounding areas, you can contact Kafe 421 or by emailing us at info@kafe421.com.


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