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Are you looking to enhance your work culture or impress at your next corporate event? Corporate catering is the best way to show your employees and clients your appreciation. The attention to detail, service, and quality that corporate catering provides will refresh the stale “business luncheon.” Keep reading to learn more about what corporate catering is and why it’s important!


What is Corporate Catering?IN ST. PAUL & BEYOND

Corporate catering is simply the business of providing food for corporations and large groups. At Kafe 421, we have been focusing on the needs of large and small corporate clients for over 20 years. We understand that good food means good business.

Retirement Celebrations

When one of our coworkers retires, we should celebrate! We should recognize and thank them for their efforts, publicly remarking on how we’ve been favorably inspired, and provide written recollections to record the occasion. A retirement party is an excellent time for us to give parting gifts and send our best wishes to our retiring colleagues as they embark on the next chapter of their lives.

At Kafe 421, we know how important it is to value our retiring colleagues. To us, they are like family, and as such, you can rest assured that we will go above and beyond to make your retirement event a remarkable one.

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Why Use Corporate Catering?

Using a corporate catering company provides a number of advantages. Here are a few ways corporate catering can help your business:

  • Fostering an enhanced company culture: One of the best ways to show employees and clients they are seen and appreciated or boost overall morale is through an event with high quality food.
  • Food provides an opportunity for connection: Shared meals are a great way to bring employees together. It’s an easy, relaxing way to facilitate conversation and increase camaraderie. More communicative employees help build an overall happier, healthier workplace.
  • A Hiring Incentive: Catered lunch might be an incentive to attract prospective employees looking to join a company. It’s a differentiating factor that can aid in the recruitment of discerning, high-quality talent.
  • Appreciation: Employees and clients can tell when they are truly valued, and handcrafted, curated corporate catering is a thoughtful way corporations can show they care.
  • Corporate Catering Saves Time: With corporate catering, the food is on-site. This means less time is spent deciding what to eat or traveling off-campus. Employees will enjoy that their meal is taken care of, and clients, especially those from out of town, will have one less travel decision to make.
  • Gain New Clients: Inviting a prospective client to an event with high quality food will make a lasting impression. You may even gain new business based on their overall experience at your event.

Types & Styles of Corporate Catering

If you are interested in corporate catering, it’s important to consider the size of the office or the type of event when selecting a catering option. Here are the most common options:

  • An individual order: This is typically a large order composed of individually boxed meals unique to each person.
  • A selection of platters: These are typically a sample of offerings like sandwiches, salads, sides and soups.
  • Buffet-style: Ideal for larger groups, buffet-style catering events feature trays of self-serve food, where employees can build and select their plates. This is typically a cost-effective way to provide for a great number of people.

Cater Your Next Corporate Event with Kafe 421

Corporate catering is the perfect merger between quality and quantity, especially with Kafe 421. From large to small, Kafe 421 has specialized in catered events in Minnesota for over 20 years. We know that the details matter. Our expertly curated selection of Mediterranean cuisine features an impressive array of options, sure to satisfy employees and clients. From cocktail kebabs to appetizer platters and a robust array of spreads to buffet-style and plated entrées, Kafe 421 provides a corporate catering menu that any client can tailor for their specific needs. Corporate catering adds the personal touch to your business luncheon or event with the quality and craftsmanship we are known for. View our catering menu and contact us to see how we can elevate your next event!

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Kafe 421 holds true to Grecian standards, where friendliness and hospitality come first. Contact us by simply using our inquiry form, and one of our event catering experts will connect with you.



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