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Choosing Mediterranean Catering for your Event

The holidays are almost upon us, and it’s time to consider some unique catering for your upcoming dinner parties. Have you thought about what kind of food theme you’ll go for this year? You can’t go wrong with Mediterranean food since it’s considered one of the healthiest ways you can eat.

We’re here to provide it all for you at Kafe 421. Let’s consider why Mediterranean catering is your best choice for this year’s holidays!

Why Getting Mediterranean Catering for the Holidays is the Perfect Idea

If you’ve already tried Mediterranean food, then you know the value it brings to lunch or dinner. Not only is this style of eating healthy and helps prevent heart disease, but it is delicious.

The Mediterranean diet focuses on plant-based foods like vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, and whole grains. The diet incorporates fish, seafood, dairy, poultry, and red meat in moderation.

Our menu at Kafe 421 is a true representation of Mediterranean cuisine. We offer appetizers, entrées, sides, salads, desserts, and more that are truly unique to the Mediterranean diet. From a casual lunch to a formal holiday dinner, Kafe 421 will make your event memorable.

Catering Mediterranean Boxed Lunches for Small Gatherings

Serving Mediterranean food for a small gathering is a great way to kick off your holiday entertaining. Since this type of food is always filling and satisfying, you won’t leave anyone hungry.

Our boxed Mediterranean lunches are just the thing you need. One sandwich or wrap of your choice with one side makes the perfect custom lunch. Your group will love Mediterranean sandwiches like our Pavo or Muffaletta sandwich or our gyros wrap. You can choose a fresh or deli salad as a tasty side to your sandwich.

Along with lunches, tasty appetizers on our menu will make your small group happy. Cocktail kebabs, phyllo triangles, galettes, and crostini are just small samplings of our appetizers.

Consider some of our larger appetizer plates for your small gatherings, like Mascarpone Dates, squash stuffed potatoes, or our Antipasti Platter.

Holiday Events

You may have some bigger holiday events planned with a larger guest list. A catered Mediterranean dinner is both elegant and delicious.

Mediterranean appetizers alone are enough to fill everyone, but many entrée dishes are substantive to anyone wanting a large meal. With a variety of proteins also a part of the Mediterranean diet, your guests can enjoy higher-calorie eats.

Try a Mediterranean twist on pizza that offers vegetables and mushrooms as toppings to make them healthier.

Corporate Gatherings

Those planning big corporate gatherings this holiday season will also find catered Mediterranean food a satisfying experience. Mediterranean food will never disappoint, no matter how many people you have at your corporate event.

Thanks to these diets offering unique recipe variations using cheese, pasta, and meats, you can please just about anyone looking for tasty food. You can’t always find that with traditional American dishes.

Best of all, you can count on every bite from these Mediterranean dishes will be consumed with no leftovers to deal with after the party is over.

Are You Ready to Plan Your Holiday Event Meals?

We’re here for you at Kafe 421 to offer the very best in Mediterranean food throughout the holiday season. We guarantee everyone who attends your holiday event will love every dish served.

Contact us to learn more about our extensive Mediterranean menu and how we make catering a memorable experience!

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