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Which is Best? Wedding Dinner vs. Hors d’oeuvres/Finger Food

One of the things your guests are going to remember about your wedding reception is the food. This is a wonderful opportunity to impress, indulge, and leave them with a smile on their faces. One of the first decisions you’ll have to make is what type of meal you want to serve. Do you want a traditional sit-down meal, a buffet, or would you prefer to provide your guests hors d’oeuvres?

At Kafe 421, we love to delight wedding guests with delicious food and understand how to put together a meal they’ll love. Here are some things to consider when choosing the food to serve your friend and family.

Choosing Food for Your Wedding Day

Before you can dive into the fun details, such as favorite foods and exciting flavors, you have to sort out some basic considerations. What is your budget? Next, figure out roughly how many guests you will have so you have a good idea of how much you can spend per person. Do your guests have any food preferences or allergies you need to be aware of? 

Once you have these details figured out, you’re ready to dive into whether you want finger food or a traditional dinner. The truth is that there’s no “right” answer. It all depends on what you & your future spouse want. 

Hors d’oeuvres/Finger Food

Because this can be the less expensive choice, people sometimes think that makes it an inferior option. However, there are benefits to serving a meal made of small bites. 

This approach to dinner provides a more casual, interactive experience. Your guests can mingle rather than only talking to the people they sit next to. It also enables servers to get the food out quickly, which can take some time when serving a plated meal. 

With hors d’oeuvres, people get to pick and choose whatever appeals to them, and you can offer a wider range of selections. While a traditional dinner usually only has two or three options for the main dish, you can provide many different kinds of foods when serving hors d’oeuvres. This makes it easier to please a variety of palates and meet the needs of your guests with dietary restrictions.

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Traditional Wedding Dinner

For some weddings, a traditional style dinner is a better option. It’s the classic choice for a formal wedding, and for good reason. Having your guests sit down to a beautifully put-together meal feels luxurious. 

With the right caterer, you will have a wide range of food options to choose from. At Kafe 421, we can help you select meals your guests will love and provide the ability to customize dishes to any dietary restrictions or preferences. Traditional meals require a little more planning to come together, so it leaves everyone happy, but a good caterer will help you with that process. 

You can also have the food served in different ways. Whether you decide to have the meal served as a buffet, family style, or a classic sit-down dinner, it affects how formal it feels. You have plenty of options to create a wedding meal that fits with your vision for the evening.

As you can see, the right way to serve food at your wedding depends on your personal style and preference. Whether you’d like a casual, interactive meal or you have your heart set on an upscale, formal affair, the choice is yours.

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Elevate Your Wedding Reception with Catering from Kafe 421

No matter what style of food service you prefer, our team at Kafe 421 can help you treat your guests to a wedding meal they will love and remember for years to come. For more information about our mouth-watering food, expert service, and no-stress planning, contact us today!