3 Reasons Box Lunches Are Essential For Your Next Lunch Meeting

Today, we’re diving into the lunchtime hustle and bustle and uncovering why box lunches should be your go-to choice for your next power-packed lunch meeting. Let’s turn that midday gathering into a feast of productivity and deliciousness!

What is Corporate Catering & The Types of Catering

When you think of catering services, you probably picture a wedding reception or some other soft-lit social event. While those are delightful occasions for a catered meal, they aren’t the only times you may want to turn to a caterer. Corporate catering is a great way to treat employees or clients, and the right caterer… Continue reading What is Corporate Catering & The Types of Catering

3 Reasons To Choose Corporate Catering

entree meal with asparagus

Corporate events allow employees to interact, network, and unwind from the typically hectic professional setting. It offers everyone in your organization a chance to bond over delicious meals. A first-class culinary experience is common when it comes to such events. With the planning that goes into hosting corporate events, it can be challenging to accommodate… Continue reading 3 Reasons To Choose Corporate Catering

Benefits of Team Lunches

Individual box lunches

If lunch team meetings enable everyone to be on an equal footing and interact face to face with prospects, clients, or potential employees. The shared experience brings everyone together and helps avoid the day-to-day distractions that cut meeting productivity. This guide explores why individual box lunches are essential for your next team meeting. The aim… Continue reading Benefits of Team Lunches