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Wedding Planning 101

It’s finally happened. You are getting married!

This is a moment that couples dream of, often waiting months as the tension builds to that perfect, unforgettable moment. The question was popped, a “yes” was joyfully given, and now you are ready to dive into planning the wedding. The only question is: Where to start? Wedding planning can be an exciting but also chaotic experience. You’ll want to know how to plan a wedding that is as incredible as the love you share.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. Our entire team is ready to help. At Kafe 421, we can share some helpful wedding planning tips that will help your wedding planning team get started on what matters most. Get ready to cross a few essentials off that ever-growing list of things to do.

Choose Your Guest List

The first two things you need to get started planning a wedding are a budget and a guest list. Determine how much you can afford to spend on the wedding & reception so that you are able to start a happy, financially stable life together while also enjoying the best possible celebration with your friends and family.

From there, build a guest list of people who you want to celebrate with you.

  • Start with your wedding party – your besties and closest relatives who will stand with you at the altar.
  • Add close friends and family who you absolutely want to toast your nuptials in person.
  • Then add extended family and friends who would love to be there if you can afford to have them.

Tip: You can always live-stream your wedding for a smaller guest list and those who can’t travel for the date.

Find Your Perfect Venue

How to plan a wedding relies on finding a great venue on the right date. The perfect venue for your wedding will depend on what you both love. Maybe it’s a church where one of you grew up or the park where you had your first date. Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of a Botanical Garden wedding or want a banquet hall you can transform into an undersea dream. You may want two venues, one for the ceremony and one for the reception, or find an incredible all-in-one package that requires no travel in between.

Set the Date

Once you have a short list of venues, set the date. The ideal date for your wedding will be a time when your venues and guests are available within the next year.

Tip: Booking non-traditional wedding locations, off-season dates, and weekdays are all typically more affordable.

Decide on a Full-Service Caterer

If there’s one thing everyone remembers about a wedding, it’s the food. Everyone will tell you that catering is essential in how to plan a wedding your guests will never forget.

You want to set the perfect table for your big day, which means choosing a full-service caterer with a menu that you love. A full-service caterer like Kafe 421 can provide everything you need, including hors d’oeuvres, the reception dinner, drinks, and desserts to keep you dancing all night.

Wedding tastings can help you build the perfect menu for your style, while a versatile caterer can best meet your guest’s dietary needs with a delicious menu selection. An experienced wedding caterer will also have the expertise and style necessary to make the food at your wedding a complete success.

Tip: Catering a wedding should be done in stages. You’ll want to plan for a cocktail hour, a buffet or plated dinner, and a late night snack to fuel the dancers.

Say ‘I Do’ to Delicious Food: Plan Your Wedding Menu with Kafe 421

Kafe 421 offers an unmatched Mediterranean-American fusion menu and wedding experience that will leave your guests raving about your wedding catering for years after you say “I Do.” Explore our online menu, book a wedding tasting, and discover the perfect catering experience for yourself.

We would be honored to help you make your wedding an unforgettable day filled with your favorite people, endless fun, and delicious food. With our years of wedding experience and a few wedding planning tips, you’ll have the perfect celebration planned in no time.

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