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Catering Ideas & Tips for Your Next Event or Party

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When you’re planning an event, there are a lot of details to consider. At Kafe 421, we’re kind of obsessed with delicious food, so we think the meal should be at the top of that list. Before you can decide exactly what dishes to serve, you’re going to need to choose which catering style to use. Each option has its benefits, so making your decision should be easy once you’re familiar with the different styles. Here are the facts to help you sort through the different catering styles.

Catering styles to consider

Just serving mouth-watering meals isn’t enough. You also have to plan the way you’re going to get that food to your guests, keeping in mind how each catering style could work with your event. At Kafe 421, we have a great deal of experience with providing unforgettable meals at events of all kinds, so we are happy to explain the ins and outs of the different options.

Plated catering

Plated catering is a good match for more formal events. This classic approach to catering has servers bring each guest’s plate of food directly to them at the table. Guests let hosts know what dinner option they want when they RSVP for the event, so the caterer has each meal ready to go when it’s time to sit down for the meal.

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Buffet catering

Food is arranged on a table in one location when using a buffet so that guests can serve themselves. This allows them to select the food and portion sizes they want. You’re also able to offer a wide range of dishes to try, allowing your guests to pick and choose their favorites. Buffet meals are well-suited to casual events but can also fit into more formal affairs.

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Food station catering

This style is similar to a buffet, but instead of including all the food options in a single location, many tables are set up, each featuring a different type of food or drink. This can be a fun, interactive way for your guests to explore the offerings as they sample the different kinds of sliders or check out a table loaded with desserts.

It’s easy to customize this catering style to your event, featuring food stations that fit in with your overall theme.

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Family-style catering

This approach is just as cozy as it sounds. Guests are seated at tables, and serving platters are arranged in front of them to share. A family-style meal provides different food options for people, and it’s also a great way to get guests interacting as they enjoy their food. This is a natural choice for smaller, more intimate events.

Tips for choosing the right catering style for your event

All these options can help make an event something to remember, but how do you know which one is right for you? To help you decide, it’s important to consider key details about your event.

First, what type of event are you planning? Will it be formal, or do you prefer a relaxed approach? A plated meal, presented by servers, is a refined option for more elevated events. If you’re interested in keeping the mood casual, you may be happier with food stations or a family-style meal.

Your event theme can also impact what style will suit your event. A garden party-themed event naturally goes with less formal catering, while a black-tie party calls for a more polished presentation.

It’s also a good idea to take into account who your guests are and what they prefer. Adventuresome, easy-going types will probably be more drawn to a casual, fun catering style, while a traditional crowd will appreciate being catered to.

Your budget will also impact which option will be best for you. Depending on what you serve, the different styles can differ a bit in price. The size of your guest list will also affect your choice because some catering approaches work better for large groups, while others are a better fit for more intimate gatherings.

For more information about how to pick the perfect catering style for your special day, connect with our experts at Kafe 421. We can walk you through the options and help you select the one that will make your event shine.

Unforgettable Events Made Easy with Kafe 421’s Catering Expertise

We not only have the experience needed to provide a delicious, perfectly catered meal, but we also love to help people feed their guests in style. If you’d like to learn more about the amazing Mediterranean flavors we offer and how the beautiful presentation we can provide, please contact us today. No matter which catering style you choose, we can make it easy for you to treat your guests to a mouth-watering meal they’ll love!